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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

God wants you to know when to close doors, as well

by Kevin Scott Collier
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My father, God rest his soul for 21 years now, worked in the automotive engine pattern trade for most of his life. When the economy took a dive in the 1980s, he bounced from shop to shop just to keep provisions for my family.

One shop he worked at was owned by a Christian man. It paid less and demanded more. And Christian music played over the loud speakers in the shop during work hours. The man who owned the business, and I'll call him Ned, was so "into God" that business didn't seem to matter and practicality went out the window.

My dad was a faithful man, for the most part, but grew angry at the "background music" of the position he was in. In fact, he resented it. Ned often put things in "God's hands" when others could clearly see his Creator wanted him to run the business. Ned had sunken into an world where every was decision came from an emotion perspective.

God gave us both a heart and a brain. Reasoning comes from your head.

Anytime anyone begins a sentence with, "Well, his heart was in the right place," I question if it indeed was. The heart is a place that should never disregard others for our own feelings. It's about sacrifice. The devil offers emotional gratification on the spot, whereas God demands patience for a genuine life changing blessing.

My father eventually quit that shop. The boss shorted him on his paychecks, and did not compensate him for overtime. Ned essentially expected everything and contributed nothing. The Christian music played on, until the day when everyone walked away. His business went under. But, he never operated it like one anyway.

Ned figured it was because of the devil. You know, the enemy didn't like all that "Jesus music" playing all day long. Ned never once entertained the idea that perhaps everyone had left because God told them to get out of there.

We often are betrayed by those who wear a Christian facade. The best way to spot them is to look into their eyes and ask, "What have you sacrificed for all of this?" Have they gone out of their way for you, or have you gotten in their way. When it's all about them, it's not about your relationship with God.

The heart of an opportunist never harbors sacrifice. Think about it. Is it the devil coming against you, or is God telling you that you need to get out?

We often think of God opening doors for us. And indeed, He does. But God also wants us to close doors. When you don't belong there, God wants you to leave. Have the courage to do so.

God wants us to be thinking Christians. He will take care of your heart if you make the right decisions.  And He will deal with those who have betrayed you. That's not your mission. Your mission is to recognize a door when it has opened just for you, and when to close it if a path has led you astray.

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