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Monday, July 27, 2009

God will help you when you are buried up to your neck

Caleb Bohn and Jarod Collier

My son recently asked me that if he were buried up to his neck in sand, could he get out? I explained to him it depended on how deep the hole was that he was buried in.

The deeper the hole, the more of a challenge it would be to escape. But, I assured him, with head above the sand, he could get out.

Life is often like this scenario. At times, we are buried up to our necks. But, even if we are in a pit as deep as our height, our hands are only half way down. If you wiggle you arms, you can free your hands, bringing them to the surface.

You cannot walk out of a hole. You have to pull yourself up and out of it. It's all about direction, and the direction is up.

God doesn't enjoy seeing good people buried up to their necks. Buried in despair, financial troubles, worn out and feeling hopeless. That's why God put our hands at the half way point. He's already given us an advantage, and now wants to see our effort. The more trust in God, the easier it will be to rise above.

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