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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Tale of Diablo and a Territory Named Prazor

by Kevin Scott Collier
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It's time for a bedtime story. Gather the children, and let's go away to a far off place where God reigns supreme.

Once upon a time there was this territory called Prazor. Prazor was a new territory, but was so worthy of God's grace, that its evil neighbor, ruled by Diablo, was afraid it would expand, and perhaps take ground on his turf.

Diablo had a great army, and all territories feared him. Many chose to ignore him, because they did not wish to challenge anything he did, as it would mean war.

Diablo was angered by the new territory called Prazor. He was threatened. He saw his perceived power in jeopardy. So, he called upon his massive army and they stood, armed and ready, at Prazor's border. But, the people in the new territory did not fear Diablo, like the others. In fact, they mocked him, as they knew their leader, the King of kings, was far more powerful.

This angered Diablo even more. And he ordered his army to stand right upon the border of Prazor, and aim every weapon in their arsenal in its direction. When other territories heard of this, they hid in their cellars, believing they would be invaded next.

But the people in the land of Prazor did not retreat, or cower, or hide. They went about their business. Some of the children even strolled within the border of their territory looking at Diablo and his massive army, as if it were only an amusing curiosity.

Diablo stood upon the border and shouted vile threats, and warned of impending doom and destruction. The children of the King of kings then did something Diablo did not expect. They stepped over their border, into his territory. And something amazing happened. Diablo and his massive army took one step back.

For every step the children of the King of kings took in Diablo's direction, the enemy took one step back. Diablo's territory grew smaller with each step, and the territory of Prazor grew.

The moral to this story is when you are a child of the King of kings, the army of righteousness is in you. Diablo only takes territory that is willingly relinquished. Our Leader reigns supreme.

Remember not to be intimidated by Diablo, for his power comes from fear. The children of God are fearless, and we will not only take Diablo's territory, but we will serve as an example to the neighboring territories that they should fear not, when you serve the King of kings.

May God bless Rick Wiles, TruNews, and Prazor. They have a lot of territory ahead of them.


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