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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The chances of finding that one long lost person

Linkby Kevin Scott Collier
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I received an email from on Sunday, December 28, 2008. They somehow concluded there was someone I had been searching for. The website boasts a database of 700 million names. With that many identities, surely they could find anyone a person was looking for. The message they sent me was "good news." teases you. When they send you a familiar name from your past and you click on a link, you discover that to learn more about the person, or his or her whereabouts, you must subscribe. You can purchase an entry-level membership for $5 a month ($60 per year) or a premium membership for $12 per month (a yearly cost of $144.)

About a year ago, I registered with, which allows non-subscribers like me to post a free profile. Subscribers can read my full profile, but I cannot read theirs unless I subscribe.

I recieved an "alert" taunting me that they had found someone I was looking for. It featured a bold-faced headline that read: "Good news, Kevin. We may have found your one lost connection." I recognized the name right away. It was someone I never go a day without thinking of. The message went on to say, "Now with unrivaled access to 700 million profiles, your chances of finding anyone you're looking for are better than ever!"

Can you imagine that? "We may have found your one lost connection." The "one" that eluded you. The one never "found." A "lost" part of your life. A "connection" that was never really made.

How often in life are we looking for someone we have lost? Are we not lost, too, without them?

The name of the person they found was Kristen Halter, age 39. I didn't need "700 million profiles" to find her or subscribe to Halter was her maiden name, it became Collier on February 26, 2007 when I married her.

You see, God's data base is larger. He doesn't think that He "may have found" that one person you have been seeking. He will find the one person you are lost without. When you trust in the Lord, there are no "chances" to finding the one you are looking for. He will send that person to you.

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