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Thursday, June 12, 2008

God Gives Us Wings To Rise Above Adversity

by Kevin Scott Collier
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I saw something today that appeared to be one thing, but turned out to be another.

A large dog caught sight of a male duck walking on a sidewalk. The dog took off after the fowl. Barks and quacks filled the air.

People heard the clamor, and gathered to take notice. I'm sure horror filled their hearts, and I could barely look. No doubt, we all assumed the worst. No duck could outrun, much less, stand up against an enormous, snarling dog.

But wait.

I had, like the others who had gathered, forgotten ducks have wings. Wings enable you to fly. Wings allow you to rise above adversity.

The dog soon became the hunted, as the duck began to chase the dog, taking flight once and again when the bully turned to confront him. What had seemed to be an event with a disastrous result had turned around in seconds. David was now chasing Goliath.

When we know God is true and he works in our lives, we have wings to rise above those who seek to harm us. We need not cower and allow approaching evil to take us. In His name, we can take flight. We even have the power and authority to beat back the enemy sending him in retreat.

This duck would have died had it just stood there, trembling with fear. He could have surrendering to an enemy who was larger and stronger. But the duck knew he had wings. He had an inherent advantage.

God gives us an advantage. Take flight and know you are higher than any danger that comes your way. For, it is only God who can touch us... when we fly.


Lisa J. Michaels said...

Nice piece Kevin. You lifted my spirit!

Anonymous said...
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