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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Never draw a book without love

by Kevin Scott Collier
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Sometimes being a children's book illustrator can be a challenge. Especially with a son watching on. Recently I accepted an illustration assignment from writer James Tague (author of Freddy the Football and The Trochilus Bird) to draw his book, "Rufus Tweed, The Father of Greed." I am pictured above doing the preliminary sketches of the characters that will appear in this book to be published this summer by Xlibris/Random House Publishing. My son, Jarod, sidles up to watch.

Above is the drawing I am working on in the photographs

Within moments, Jarod's climbed onto my back and is hugging me with affection. James Tague should know the most challenging part of drawing his book will be the loving company that is attached to it. It's not easy to draw with a nine-year-old boy on your back, but happy illustrators never draw alone.


maryellen said...

This pic of you drawing with your son peering over your shoulder reminds me of a pic of me writing, pecking away at the keyboard, with a toddler wrapped around my leg. Kids'loving persistence is a font of inspiration, and a perpetual humility measure for any parent with a "perfect" complex. Working amidst interruption is highly imperfect. Yet, authors-hug-interrupted do not doubt their purpose. Instead of artist's insecurities, we hear," Wow, that's awesome," on even a rough draft. Isn't drawing a book while stuck in the noose of a child's embrace incredible?

Mom & Montana said...

Looks like a picture of true love to me, an adoring son and a devoted Dad. Love to you both,

Mom & Montana

Jen said...


I couldn't help but comment on the pictures. It is humbling to see you on the floor, center of attention for your son. I'm a full time children's author, but also a 24 hour mom of 3 children under8 yrs of age.

Somtimes when I'm working on a writing project, I get irritated by the constant distractions. I hope you don't mind, but when I start to feel that way, I think I'll pay another visit to this site and view these pictures. For it reminds me what inspired me in the first place. Thanks for the boost, Kevin!