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Monday, April 23, 2007

The catch of a lifetime

by Kevin Scott Collier

My 9-year-old son Jarod and I went fishing one warm Sunday afternoon. We stood on an old, weathered wooden bridge and cast our lines into a narrow channel. The waterway was shallow, but it was difficult to see anything was below the surface.

Most of the time we were silent. But love and silence creates an unspoken dialog. It is loud and heard only in one's heart.

Our bright red and yellow bobbers occasionally were tugged under the surface several times in two hours, but neither of us caught a fish. What I did catch was an understanding of how important the father and son bond is.

The moments we shared staring at our bobbers upon the water of the channel reminded me of how I caught my son. Even God's most devoted children are always fishing for something big that seemingly remains elusive. In life, the bobber is tugged frequently, but it seems the "big one" always gets away.

Not this time. And I know why.

I knew an enormous catch was lurking by my hook. I knew this time, God wouldn't allow the catch to get away. I would land a son. And do you know how I knew? Because on the other end, Jarod was fishing for me. We were both fishing for the other. And on that day neither of us went home empty handed.

So, it doesn't matter to me if Jarod and I have to watch our bobbers being tugged at and end up going home without a fish. Because we're going home together. For, the day we tugged at each other's hearts, we both took home the catch of a lifetime.


Mom & Montana said...


What a heart warming post. You and Jarod are such a perfect match and God and the angels were smiling down on the two of you the day you "caught" each other. All of our hearts were blessed on that day.......and the three of you will bless many more with your love. We love you all so much, Jarod's Grammy and Grandpa

Donna J. Shepherd said...

Very sweet. Sounds like a perfect day. - Donna