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Friday, February 02, 2007

Write about dreams, watch them come true

by Kevin Scott Collier

I teach a Fantasy Fiction Writing Class and last week we discussed writing about our dreams. Not just what meanders through our minds during sleep, but what we consonantly hope for in our lives.

Writers routinely use fiction stories they write to navigate into deep dark waters of discouragement. Fiction ripples of reality, secrets are revealed, and it is all masked in what is marketed as unreal.

Reality is where we are. Dreams are where we want to be. The reach is only as far as we imagine it. Discouragement creates the measure of distance. The more hopeless we feel, the father away our hopes and dreams become. Only when you believe it is close can you grab your dream.

Many dream of love, security, confidence and grandeur. We imagine if these things allude us, they must be out of reach. We imagine good things only happen for others. Wrong. Good things are meant to happen for everyone. The measure of good in your life is really about you planting the seeds of hope in your heart.

The amount of flowers that spring from your garden depends on how many seeds you plant. The greater the number, the more beautiful and expansive the sight. Seeds come in many varieties. One seed is forgiveness. Another, hope. Others include respect, generosity, unselfishness, and patience. For any dream to become a reality, you have to grow it. You have to create the garden to reinforce the dream, and then see it bloom.

And when it does bloom ... share the flowers. For in each dream that comes true is the promise of a garden for another.

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