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Monday, October 16, 2006

Celebrating a donkey named "Esther"

by Kevin Scott Collier

One of the magical things about being an author is the people who email you. Sometimes a "fan" letter touches you just as much as your book has touched them. Case in point is an email I received from a woman (who resides in New York) that purchased my book "Esther's Channel".

Unlike the fictional character I named Esther, this creature named Esther is real, and hardly a turtle...


On Sept. 28 our long awaited (12 months) baby miniature donkey was born, the second baby born on our farm. We were so happy to have another healthy little girl donkey and so touched by it all that it didn’t take long to name her....”Esther”. (after the turtle in your book) So many of our friends in church have been awaiting the arrival of this little one. As we have shared our experience and her name we have been sharing your book and how it touched our lives. I have several people waiting to read it after my pastor’s wife is finished with it with her 2nd grade class. As soon as I can take the time I plan to order another copy along with a few more of your books.

Dawn Widrick
Buffalo, New York

It is the occasional letter like this that inspires me to go forward with hope in my heart, and an extra big grin on my face. Thank you, Dawn.

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Donna J. Shepherd said...

Great encouragement and cute picture. Thanks for sharing! - Donna